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Legal Hold & Collection
Legal Hold & Collection Legal Hold & Collection
Early Data Assessment
Legal Hold & Collection Early Case Assessment
Processing & Production
Legal Hold & Collection Processing & Production
Hosting: eDiscovery Cloud
Legal Hold & Collection Hosting: eDiscovery Cloud
Advanced Analytics Application
Legal Hold & Collection Advanced Analytics Applications
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Managed Review
Legal Hold & Collection Managed Review
Post Review Analysis
Legal Hold & Collection Post Review Analysis
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  • Forensic DataElectronically Stored Information (ESI) Processing

    Strategic offers native and image processing using IPRO eCapture. Strategic’s Intelligent Support Business Model is unique to the industry, guaranteeing the per-gigabyte size charged for processing will not exceed the data size received, eliminating the uncertainty of data expansion during processing. This business model simplifies budgeting and expedites client approval.

  • Forensic DataESI Discovery Project Support

    Your Strategic project starts with a business development manager (BDM) to oversee the budgeting and creation of all statements of work, and a data manager (DM) who will direct all aspects of ESI processing projects.

  • Forensic DataESI Project Scoping

    The assigned Strategic data manger schedules a scoping call with the firm’s practice support manager and legal team to confirm filtering parameters and review the processing specifications, such as the metadata field required for delivery, the time zone designation, and the custom Doc ID. In most cases, the data received will be filtered and de-duplicated using one of the Strategic filtering workflows to eliminate non-relevant and duplicate documents.

    We follow stringent quality control measures to essure that all processing exceptions are addressed and reported. The Strategic data support team has extensive experience with preparing data for all database review platforms.

    eCapture Data Processing includes the following:

    • Metadata extraction
    • De-duplication (according to processing specifications)
    • OCR of all image files
    • Native link
    • Image processing (if image review is required)
    • Customized load files for internal review platform
  • Forensic DataProduction Services using IPRO eCapture

    Native or image productions are completed from the documents tagged for production using IPRO eCapture at a per-gigabyte rate. The use of IPRO eCapture to prepare the native and image productions provides enhanced quality control and increased customization of deliverables—and shortens the overall production time. Multiple image file types and load specification to comply with production requirements can be provided for no additional gigabyte or image charge.

    The Strategic data support team provides production support at an hourly database support rate, with no charge for endorsing production numbers and message info on the images produced.

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