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Legal Hold & Collection
Legal Hold & Collection Legal Hold & Collection
Early Data Assessment
Legal Hold & Collection Early Case Assessment
Processing & Production
Legal Hold & Collection Processing & Production
Hosting: eDiscovery Cloud
Legal Hold & Collection Hosting: eDiscovery Cloud
Advanced Analytics Application
Legal Hold & Collection Advanced Analytics Applications
Legal Hold & Collection Staffing/Talent
Managed Review
Legal Hold & Collection Managed Review
Post Review Analysis
Legal Hold & Collection Post Review Analysis
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When it comes to your data, we see and know everything.

We believe a well-managed document review project does not end once the production is sent to opposing counsel. Rather, creating the production set is just one component of discovery. For example, outside counsel may instruct document custodians and other witnesses for depositions; we collaborate with counsel in drafting Deposition Memoranda and Witness Kits used in witness preparation. As part of our post review analysis, our PMs draft memoranda that identify and summarize the potential deposition exhibits from the produced data.

Because of our “eyes on everything” approach to LPM, our highly experienced project managers, our frequent reporting and the other elements that comprise our unique approach, by the time a project reaches the post-review analysis phase, many clients find that we are best qualified to conduct the review and analysis of the opposing party’s production. Our clients have realized significant efficiencies when utilizing our post-review services.

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