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Legal Hold & Collection
Legal Hold & Collection Legal Hold & Collection
Early Data Assessment
Legal Hold & Collection Early Case Assessment
Processing & Production
Legal Hold & Collection Processing & Production
Hosting: eDiscovery Cloud
Legal Hold & Collection Hosting: eDiscovery Cloud
Advanced Analytics Application
Legal Hold & Collection Advanced Analytics Applications
Legal Hold & Collection Staffing/Talent
Managed Review
Legal Hold & Collection Managed Review
Post Review Analysis
Legal Hold & Collection Post Review Analysis

Put us in the driver’s seat.

Strategic offers an integrated eDiscovery solution, providing end-to-end eDiscovery support involving internal investigations, third party document requests, and litigation. Strategic legal process management (LPM) delivers single-source support for managing the eDiscovery process, beginning with assessment of the corporate compliance and litigation readiness, continuing with legal hold implementation and collection, data filtering, hosting in the eDiscovery Cloud, analytics (e.g. email threading, categorization, predictive coding), managed review, production, and trial preparation support. A cross-trained Project Manager (licensed attorney) serves as first point of contact for the entire project cycle and coordinates directly with our in house certified experts in-forensics, IT, eDiscovery Technology and Legal Process Management ensuring a seamless process and maximizing risk mitigation and defensibility.

By having one outside expert focused on managing the eDiscovery process and the outside counsel focused on the legal analysis, the corporate legal department will enjoy more efficient management of the business and legal aspects of each matter.

  • Integrated End-to-End SolutionDefensibility and Security

    All eDiscovery services are provided using defensible methodology and executed using industry-accepted and tested state of the art software for legal hold implementation, forensic collections, data processing and document review. The eDiscovery Cloud environment is hosted at the Equinix data center, which meets the highest security standards (SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II Certified) and boasts 99.9999% uptime for all systems, including power and HVAC. At the network level, there is redundant Cisco hardware for all firewalls, routers and switches configured for automatic fail-over. Multiple ISP pipes configured with BPG are always maintaining connectivity.

  • Integrated End-to-End SolutionIntelligent Budgeting

    The Strategic intelligent support business model allows the legal team to analyze the business and legal aspects of each matter without making substantial upfront investments with respect to ingestion and migration of data. We open the “black box” to allow the legal team to use eDiscovery technology in the development of a case-specific review workflow and eDiscovery budget without the traditional cost barriers associated with the use of this technology. This model facilitates accurate and precise per document managed review pricing.

  • Integrated End-to-End SolutionCustomized eDiscovery Workflows

    The eDiscovery process becomes increasingly complex and costly, as the volume of electronic stored information (ESI) and the sources from which the data is captured grow. The Strategic LPM team helps clients control costs by tailoring each eDiscovery workflow within the following processes based upon the specific needs of each support request.

    • Legal Hold and Collections
    • Data Analysis, Filtering and Analytics
    • Managed Document Review
    • Production
    • Post Production

    Our forensic, eDiscovery, and legal process management experts consult with the legal team to develop an eDiscovery workflow incorporating technology and human resources to identify, preserve and produce all responsive documents in the most cost-efficient and timely manner possible.

  • Integrated End-to-End SolutionManaged Document Review & Production

    Our Legal Process Management (LPM) model combines people, process and technology to efficiently deliver managed review projects. Our attorney-project managers are well versed in all phases of the EDRM, including legal hold, collections, eDiscovery, managed document review, analytics and predictive coding, and post-review analysis. Our approach is designed to assist clients in achieving the strategic goals of the matter by focusing on risk management and defensibility in a cost-effective manner.

    The LPM model incorporates seamless project management, gauge tests and early alignment to achieve review consistency. Stratified, statistically validated sampling QC combined with substantive technical searches keeps the focus on the subsets of data carrying the greatest risk. Our processes are designed to ensure that should any issues be raised, we can submit an affidavit, or provide a witness for deposition or trial; in other words our processes—in design and execution—are reasonable and defensible.

  • Integrated End-to-End SolutionPost Production Analysis

    We believe a well-managed document review project does not end once the production is sent to opposing counsel. Rather, creating the production set is just one component of discovery.

    For example, outside counsel must prepare document custodians and other witnesses for depositions; we collaborate with outside counsel in drafting preparatory Deposition Memoranda and Witness Kits. Our PMs draft memoranda that identify and summarize the potential deposition exhibits from the produced data.

    If we review the opposing party’s documents, the PM includes potential exhibits from this data set as well. We also prepare other special reports and timelines as requested by clients and outside counsel.

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