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Legal Hold & Collection
Legal Hold & Collection Legal Hold & Collection
Early Data Assessment
Legal Hold & Collection Early Case Assessment
Processing & Production
Legal Hold & Collection Processing & Production
Hosting: eDiscovery Cloud
Legal Hold & Collection Hosting: eDiscovery Cloud
Advanced Analytics Application
Legal Hold & Collection Advanced Analytics Applications
Legal Hold & Collection Staffing/Talent
Managed Review
Legal Hold & Collection Managed Review
Post Review Analysis
Legal Hold & Collection Post Review Analysis
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Look before you leap.

Data ingestion, filtering and preparing the documents for review can be cost prohibitive. Strategic has the technology—and the expertise—to let you analyze data and review sample sets of documents, so you can base your eDiscovery strategy on the needs of the case rather than the limits of your budget.

  • Forensic DataAnalysis & Data Filtering

    Strategic provides multiple eDiscovery support workflows based upon where you are in the discovery process.

    S.E.E. (Strategic Early Evaluation)At the inception of the data collection process, our data analysis and filtering workflows allow your corporate IT support team to focus on identifying the sources of relevant custodian data for collection, while leaving the filtering and analysis to us. Using our custom ECA Application S.E.E. (Strategic Early Evaluation), we’ll help you establish filtering parameters and identify issues with the data—like corrupt, password-protected or encrypted files—for increased efficiency and defensibility of the collection and filtering process, as well as early detection of problematic data sets.

    When the discovery processing is at the phase where the filtering parameters have already been established, an alternative filtering workflow using IPRO eCapture can be used. This filtering workflow will validate that the data provided is all responsive to the established filtering parameters, identify duplicate files, and identify potential privilege documents based on privilege terms. Both S.E.E. (our custom ECA application) and eCapture software prepare the data for migration to Relativity in the Strategic eDiscovery Cloud. For more information see our Intelligent Support business model.

  • Forensic DataFiltering Workflows

    On-line Data Analysis & Filtering

    When the legal team needs to explore your data to determine relevance and establish filtering parameters, Strategic offers an alternative to paying the traditional ingestion fees associated with most on-line analytics tools. After data ingestion with the Strategic Early Evaluation custom application, robust reporting features allow information about the total collection, source or custodian to be reported. Filtering parameters will be established and solidified to identify the relevant documents. Upon completion of the filtering phase, a “final snapshot” will be created of the relevant documents. The database can be taken down, remain active or put into hibernation. Monthly hosting fees apply. For more information see our Intelligent Support business model.

    Pre-Process Filtering

    After data discovery, the Strategic data support and legal team will establish filtering parameters and provide de-duplication and frequency hit reports to identify the number of unique and responsive documents, along with the relevant data size for processing. IPRO eCapture will be used for native processing in preparation for migration to Relativity in the Strategic eDiscovery Services Cloud or delivery to you for review in your internal database review platform.

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