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AI Executive Order Will Have Ripple Effect in Legal Community

On Monday, President Trump issued an executive order directing federal agencies to prioritize investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) development, infrastructure building, and set governance standards addressing the deployment of AI at the federal level. While The Executive Order on Maintaining American Leadership in Artificial Intelligence, known as the American AI Initiative, applies to U.S. government agencies and not directly to the private sector, Washington is sending a clear signal that the development of AI as an invaluable component of effective business operations continues to be a top priority in the U.S.

As we have noted, prior to this week’s Executive Order, U.S. state and federal courts have increasingly encouraged parties in litigation to include AI as an integral component of the exchange of information during the discovery process. The American AI Initiative will undoubtedly spark new conversations among corporations, their outside counsel, and their eDiscovery vendors regarding the increasing importance of AI and the need to continue developing innovative AI tools on the legal front. In addition to leveraging AI technology for increased efficiencies on the litigation front, companies and their counsel continue to incorporate AI to streamline their corporate transactions and ensure that pre-deal due diligence and post-closing diligence and contract management are conducted effectively and efficiently.

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